World’s,Galaxy’s and Universe’s not necessarily non nuclear most explosive known substances

1st Pure antimatter

Pure antimatter produces a nuclear strength yield with just 4 ounces! Antimatter also converts itself and an equal mass of regular matter into pure energy in accordance with E=mc2 with no residual harmful radiation. However we currently only have the capacity to make astonishingly small amounts of antimatter in particle accelerators (one billionth of a gram). This scarcity makes it the worlds most expensive substance at $62.5 trillion per gram! Unfortunately the dark side of this bomb is that a suicide bomber could destroy a city with a grenade sized device and a planeload of these mini bombs could, in theory, destroy an entire continent! Epicness rating 10/10. Plausibility rating 2.5/10

2nd Francium metal

This bomb would use the violent reaction of francium,the most powerful alkali metal, with water. Unfortunately this bomb will never be realized as francium is one of the most unstable elements with a half life of just minutes. Only a few grams exist on Earths crust at any one time. As it decays it produces massive levels of radiation anyway so the bomb would be much more effective at killing its makers than those it would be used against! Epicness rating 9/10 Plausibility rating 0.0000000000000000000000000000001/10.

3… Hydrogen Helium fusion bomb

This is quite an effective method of creating energy though it still uses just a small percentage of the viable mass. Hydrogen’s heavier isotopes, deuterium and tritium are reacted together at extremely high temperatures to create helium and a large amount of energy. The temperatures required are so high, (several million degrees K) that a conventional warhead is required within the fusion bomb to achieve them. Yields are much greater than other nuclear devices. Epicness rating 8.5/10 Plausibility rating 10/10

4… Nuclear bomb.

Just your average bog standard nuke, Two sub-critical masses of fissile material are forced togethe,r often using “gun and target” mechanisms, the result being a super-critical fissile mass, where there is each disintegration of a nucleus spawns an average of more than one other. This causes a chain reaction and splits the bombs shell, releasing unholy terror on a radius of several kilometres.  Epicness rating 8/10 Plausibility rating 10/10.

5… Octanitrocubane  

  This is really scary stuff. It cannot yet be easily manufactured but could easily have twice the power of TNT (trinitrotoluene). It can detonate absolutely anywhere due to its non reliance on outside chemicals such as oxygen, to detonate. This explosive could easily become the basis of future underwater and even extraterrestrial warfare! Epicness rating 5/10. Plausibility rating 9/10.

Just another ill add in at the end here is picric acid. Though not extremely efficient in yield, this explosive, in crystalline form, is extremely unpredictable. It explodes in response to heat shaking or impact. Thus it is generally not used very much. A sombre demonstration of this volatility was realized at the beginning of the twentieth century when a shipload of picric acid and benzene collided with another ship in Halifax harbour. The port area of the city was levelled by a series of huge blasts as the thousands of tonnes of munitions detonated simultaneously, throwing pieces of ship for miles in every direction. Epicness rating, 6/10, plausibility rating, fairly obvious

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