Just a short word on a person to whom  I have perchance become acquainted. Though having existed but for an instant in the span of time, this most frail of connections has had great consequence. By looking through such a tiny slit, onto a vast ocean of suffering, I have reflected more upon the concepts of self and purpose than at any other time in my fleeting existence. I wish not to end this purgatory, to quench its fires, as this would be to annihilate all locked within,good and evil alike. Rather, I must dive into the immolation of brimstone, to hell itself, and recover some semblance of humanity from beneath its leagues of crimson, blood and flame, from beneath the gaze of Lucifer. Someday, I will break the surface once more with quarry in hand, unaltered by the journey. Tearing away visages of demons from her marble countenance, I revel in seeing beauty return to that which once was etched in boundless scorn.

As philosophers would have it.

a vacant ape enDS