“Smartest may seem a little childish as a title for this post but there is  no equivalent term which covers such a vast swathe of what scientific minds refer to as intellectual capability. For me, there are three, not necessarily interchangeable fields involved in this question. The first is fluid, natural intelligence, which is what IQ tests purport to measure in a rather flawed way. The second type is practical intelligence, how to solve everyday problems and plan things efficiently. This is useful for logic puzzles and games such as chess. People such as Garry Kasparov and Terence Tao are contenders in this field as, though their achievements are legend, they are primarily lknown for their exceptionally high intelligence.

The other contingent of the argument pertains to what a person achieves academically in their lifetime, This is often well separated from the other fields as many other factors contribute to determining success. My top five in order here are

1 Leonardo Da Vinci,

2 Nikola Tesla,

3 Isaac Newton,

4 Albert Einstein,

5 Thomas Edison